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His Unfaithful Heart

KANSKI TRAVEL AGENCY, ELLIES’S OFFICE The phone startles Ellie as she is finishing up her prayer. ELLIE: This is Ellie. PASTOR THOMPSON (V.O.): Hi Ellie, it’s Pastor Thompson. ELLIE: What do you want? PASTOR THOMPSON (V.O.): I wanted to invite you over for dinner. ELLIE: You have to be kidding. Will your wife be there? CALVARY CHAPEL, PASTOR THOMPSON’S OFFICE PASTOR THOMPSON: Of course, she will. KANSKI TRAVEL AGENCY, ELLIES’S OFFICE ELLIE: What kind of sick people are you?

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Amazing Grace

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Escaping her abusive father, an eleven-year old girl hides out at her disabled uncle's ranch where she develops a relationship with a wild horse, while her father relentlessly hunts her down.

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Break the Cycle