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Raised: $30

Goal: $100,000

Break the Cycle

Raised: $300

Goal: $70,000


Escaping her abusive father, an eleven-year old girl hides out at her disabled uncle's ranch where she develops a relationship with a wild horse, while her father relentlessly hunts her down.

Raised: $25

Goal: $10,000

Second Son

In this campaign, Zero Axis Studios is creating comic books, graphic novels, and an animated series called "Second Son" for the faith and family audience. We are currently in development but in order for us to continue creating this awesome content we need your HELP and SUPPORT. When you donate know that every dollar directly support this project and all its subsequent content.

Raised: $500

Goal: $700

My Beloved

Any funds collected will go straight into production. This is an all volunteer cast and crew. • Feeding the cast and crew • Help with travel expenses • Rental equipment • unforeseen expenses

Raised: $0

Goal: $10,000

Minding The Family- PILOT

The SevenDreams Films team is raising money to produce the Pilot Episode of this Faith-Based multi-season series.

Raised: $0

Goal: $250,000

KiDs Beach Club Season 3

Help us produce Season 3 (20 additional episodes) of KiDs Beach Club TV! This unique show for preteens has won multiple Telly Awards and the 2022 National Religious Broadcasters People's Choice Award for Children's Television. These shows teach character through the lens of scripture in fun, creative ways.